Our Team



Who Jack Murphy

What The Mastermind

Where California/New York

When 1990

Why Adventure

How Pre-Kindergarten



Who Pete Isert

What The Conductor

Where California

When 2007

Why Complexity

How University of Colorado, Bachelor of Environmental Science


Who Joanna-Maria Helinurm

What The Rebel

Where New York

When 2011

Why Resistance

How SCI-ARC BArch,

Harvard MArch II


Who Tyler Gyether

What The Agent

Where California

When 2013

Why Fun

How University of Oregon Bachelor of Science in Sports Management


Who Shane Thompson

What The Boss

Where New York

When 1996

Why Excitement

How BS - Business Management


Who Justin Smith

What The Scientist

Where California

When 2007

Why Creativity

How Cooper Union, Bachelor of Fine Art



Who Zach Elmer

What The Juggler

Where California

When 2011

Why Challenge

How Ohio University

Bachelor of Science of Sports


Who Roxy

What Bodyguard

Where New York

When 2010

Why Reward

How School of Hardknocks



Who Michael Lamprides II

What The Plotter

Where New York

When 2011

Why Intrigue

How SCI-ARC, Bachelor of Architecture



Who Brian Varner

What The Sherlock

Where New York

When 2012

Why Mystery

How University of S. Carolina Bachelor of Science Hospitality, Retail, and Sports Management